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Compilation - Keats Rides a Harley - Cover

Various Artists
  "Keats Rides a Harley"

Happy Squid Records
Los Angeles, California USA
Released on vinyl in 1981; re-released in 2005 on CD with 14 more tracks

Spearheaded by the Urinals* and released on their Happy Squid label, this compilation features rare early recordings by some seminal figures of the early '80s L.A. punk / indie scene. The production quality is decidedly trashy and low-budget - but if anyone can turn low-budget production into something artistically great, it's the Urinals and company! Sylvia was the keyboardist of the Leaving Trains at the time of this album; their track "Virginia City" was the first time the Trains appeared on vinyl.

* the Urinals changed their name to 100 Flowers, which is how they appear on this album. Years later they would revert back to the name the Urinals. Want more info, trivia, and entertainment? Read Sylvia's interview with the Urinals in SparkPlug Magazine


  • The Earwigs - "A Martyr Is Made" (2:32)
  • Toxic Shock - "Sensationalism" (1:25)
  • S Squad - "Scene Of The Crime" (2:37)
  • The Gun Club - "Devil in the Woods" (3:22)
  • Meat Puppets - "H-Elenore" (1:40)
  • The Leaving Trains - "Virginia City" (2:12)
  • Tunneltones - "Is This a Restart?" (1:39)
  • Human Hands - "Hypnotica" (4:01)
  • 100 Flowers - "Salmonella" (2:23)

" ... every song exploded off the vinyl and gave some of these young bands their best tracks ever. I've always been partial to the LEAVING TRAINS' keyboard-infused "Virginia City" as the best thing they ever did ... " - from Agony Shorthand Blog

Listen to 'Virginia City' on on the Leaving Trains page

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