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Love is My Only Crime - Cover

Many and Various Artists
  "Love is My Only Crime (vol.1)"

Veracity / Intercord
Catalog Number: IRS 964.966
Released in 1993

Compiled by Peter Schneider

I love the title of this compilation. I didn't know Peter, yet in his title is an apt expression of where I was in my life at a certain time, when I wrote "(Lost in) Love Hell". I am touched and honored that he thought to include my song.

Track Listing:

  • Roger Manning - "I Love You A Thousand Ways"
  • Charlie Feathers - "Pardon Me Mister"
  • Townes Van Zandt - "Waitin' For The Day"
  • Ben Vaughn - "Love Won't Go Away"
  • Walter Salas Humara - "Upside Down Instead"
  • The Country Rockers: "Mexicali Rose"
  • Sonya Hunter: "Demons"
  • Lorette Velvette - "White Birds"
  • Je & Ill - "Kiss & Kill"
  • Sid Selvidge - "Tall Girl, I Love You"
  • Sylvia Juncosa - "(Lost in) Love Hell"
  • Gibson Bros. - "I Don't Wanna Forget How To Jive"
  • Baby You Know - "Vagabond Smile"
  • Alluring Strange - "Prison Love"
  • David Earle Johnson - "Trondossa"
  • Moe Tucker - "Teenager In Love"
  • Alex Chilton - "You Can Bet Your Heart On Me"
  • FSK - "Das Hab Ich Falsch Gemacht"
  • Bob Lyng - "I Wanna Be Killed By You"
  • Tav Falco & His Panther Burns - "Music Maestro Please"
  • Michael Hurley - "Dialogue of Love"
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