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Various Artists
  Away from the Pulsebeat Presents:

Mondo Stereo - Front Cover

Mondo Stereo - Back Cover

Tinnitus Records
Hoboken, NJ, USA
TR 520868

Listen to 'Strange Fruit'
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Credits on the SJ track:

Sylvia Juncosa - guitar, vocals
Bass - Tyra von Pagenhardt
Drums - David Winogrond
Produced by Sylvia Juncosa
Engineered by Ethan James
Recorded at Radio Tokyo Studios, Venice, CA


  • Mudhoney - "Hate the Police"
  • B.A.L.L. - "Amazon"
  • Horny Genius - "Crane"
  • Jad Fair - "Ashes on the Ground"
  • Sylvia Juncosa - "Strange Fruit"
  • Lazy Cowgirls - "Gibraltar Rock"
  • Beat Happening - "Christmas"
  • Of Cabbages & Kings - "Of Service"
  • Halo of Flies - "1988 (Time for a War In)"
  • Boys From Nowhere - "Walk a Fine Line"
  • Mirrors - "I Think I'm Falling"
  • Urgeover Killdozer - "Evil Womyn"
  • Bill Beepenbopper -
        "What the World Needs Now is Love"

Listen to 'Strange Fruit'

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"A snapshot of the American indie rock scene circa the late '80s as interpreted by the fine folks at Hoboken's Away From the Pulsebeat fanzine." - Kathleen C. Fennessy, All Music Guide

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