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Warfrat Tales- Cover

Various Artists
  Warfrat Tales - Unabridged

The original Warfrat Tales was a compilation of LA bands of the 1980's who had recorded at Lyceum Sound with Vitus Matare (the Last, Trotsky Icepick). This 2005 re-release contains all the original material plus additional 13 tracks/bands that weren't included the first time around.

Credits on the To Damascus track:

Sylvia Juncosa - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Sue Rollin - bass
Randy Santeman - drums


  • The Last - "Try To Rise", "Anything That's Out There", "Brand New Drug"
  • The Rain Parade - "I Look Around", "Look Both Ways", "This Can't Be Today"
  • The Gun Club - "Watermelon Man", "Fire of Love"
  • Wednesday Week - "Boy You Got Me Good", "Anyone Like Me"
  • To Damascus - "Night Surfing", "And Leave And Leave Me"
  • The Leaving Trains - "Leaving Train", "Creeping Coastline of Lights"
  • 100 Flowers - "100 Flowers", "From the Fire"
  • The Question? - "Brand New World", "Shall Be Love", "One More Time"
  • Urinals - "I'm Like You", "Scholastic Aptitude"
  • Earwigs - "Stop the Clock", "Automatic Reverse"
  • Hector & the Clockwatchers - "Octavia", "Mishap at Greebsley's"
  • The Point - "Pothead"
  • The Up & Out - "I'm Learning", "Gruelled Again"

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