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Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands
  "Goodbye Game"

Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands - Goodbye Game - Cover

Sean O'Brien is a prolific songwriter, a guitarist and singer whose career has spanned several bands, including True West, Denim TV, the Mariettas, and several self-named projects, the most recent of which is Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands. View more info on Sean's MySpace page. He's also got a Facebook page, plus several videos posted on YouTube.

First Cold Press / TuneCore
Released in 2008

Recorded at Broken Radio Studios in San Francisco, CA

Sylvia plays guitar on "Bad Faith"


  • Take Your Pills (4:15)
  • Warm and Sane (2:58)
  • Aftermath Fears (6:02)
  • Bones Snap (3:46)
  • All That I Don't Know (4:49)
  • Hope Fill Up (4:17)
  • Get Over Tunis (4:21)
  • Home to Penelope (4:21)
  • New Home Tonight (3:20)
  • Walk There Too (3:47)
  • Bad Faith (4:39)
  • Goodbye Game (4:13)

"If you are a fan of some of the great American 'Indie' bands of the 80's such as The Replacements and REM, and enjoy some of the grittier moments of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, then there is plenty to love on 'Goodbye Game'. Highly recommended."

- Steve Wills, Americana-UK

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