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Tom Hofer

Tom Hofer - Clearinghouse - Cover

Pungent Records
Los Angeles, California USA

Sylvia played "backwards" guitar on one song.

Other guest musicians include past members of the Leaving Trains, Nymphs, the Need, and current members of Skooshny, the Mariettas, the Terraplanes, the Love Brothers, and Davie Allan and the Arrows.


  • The Web
  • Prisoner of Lace
  • Obsession
  • Baby Truce
  • John Milton
  • Meteor
  • Drone
  • Warm Hands, Cold Heart
  • What Kind of Woman is This, Man?
  • Why'd You Break My Heart Again?
  • Forever and a Day
  • Karen Says
  • Lullabayou
  • Low Rain

"Finally someone who doesn't give a damn!" - Eli Roberts, in a review

"How come everyone else got to play forwards?" - Sylvia, in a miffle

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