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The Leaving Trains
  "Well Down Blue Highway"

Leaving Trains - Well Down Blue Highway

Bemisbrain / Enigma Records Torrance, CA, USA Released in 1984


James Moreland - vocals, guitar
Manfred Hofer - guitar
Tom Hofer - bass
Jason Kahn - drums

Sylvia Juncosa does organ and backing vocals on "World Crash".


  • Bringing Down the House
  • Leaving Train
  • All My Friends
  • Always Between Wars
  • You Can't See
  • I Am in a World Crash with You
  • March 7th
  • Hometown Blues
  • She Knows the Rain
  • Creeping Coastline of Lights
  • Virginia City
  • Going Down to Town

Syl Notes:

This was the first full-length album by the Leaving Trains, recorded shortly after I left the band. I'm the first to agree that my leaving was no detriment - this is when they started to hit their stride, so to speak; some of the best stuff they would ever do was during this time period.

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