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A list of all the recordings on which Sylvia has appeared, click titles for more info.
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Discography - Main

These are the albums on which Sylvia was creator and/or band member.

2015 Wanna Gotta - Sylvia Juncosa - full-length album
Ringent Records, Los Angeles
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1991 Live in Rome - Sylvia Juncosa - live, solo acoustic 6-song mini-LP
Helter Skelter Records, Italy
1991 Is - Sylvia Juncosa - full-length LP
Glitterhouse Records
1990 Succumb - To Damascus - European re-release on CD
Play It Again, Sam
1989 One Thing - Sylvia Juncosa - full-length LP
Fundamental Records (USA)
Play It Again, Sam (Europe)
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1988 Nature - Sylvia Juncosa - full-length LP
SST Records
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1987 Come to Your Senses - To Damascus - full-length LP
Restless Records
1986 Succumb - To Damascus - full-length LP
Ringent Records
1984 "Another Place, Another Time" / "On a Pier" - To Damascus - single
Ringent Records

Discography - Compilations

Sylvia appearing along with other bands

1982 Keats Rides a Harley - Compilation
"Virginia City" - Leaving Trains (Sylvia on keyboards)
Happy Squid Records
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1988 Mondostereo Compilation LP
"Strange Fruit" - Sylvia Juncosa
An 'Away from the Pulsebeat' fanzine Presentation
The Tinnitus Label
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1989 Program Annihilator II SST Compilation
"Lick My Pussy, Eddie Van Halen" and "Tower of Ashes" - Sylvia Juncosa
SST Records
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1989 The Fundamental Hymnal Fundamental Records Compilation
"One in Three" - Sylvia Juncosa
Fundamental Records
1990 Radio Tokyo Tapes, vol. IV Compilation
"One in Three" - Sylvia Juncosa
Chameleon Records
1990 VERA Groningen - Beauty In The Underworld Compilation
"The Desert Song" - Sylvia Juncosa (live)
Vera Records / Semaphore
1991 Girlism - Colours of Female Music Compilation
"Unfortunately" - Sylvia Juncosa
Ausfahrt Records / EFA
1993 Love Is My Only Crime - Compilation LP/CD
"(Lost In) Love Hell" - Sylvia Juncosa
2007 Warfrat Tales Unabridged - Compilation
"Night Surfing" and "And Leave And Leave Me" - To Damascus
Warfrat Records

Discography - Other Bands

On these Sylvia was a member of the band at the time of the release
1981 "Bringing Down the House" / "Going Down to Town"
   - The Leaving Trains' first single - keyboards
Happy Squid Records
1987 XCIII - SWA - full-length LP
SST Records
1987 "Arroyo" - SWA - single
SST Records
1988 Evolution - SWA - Compilation CD
SST Records

Discography - Guest

Syl was a guest performer on these releases
1983 Primordial Ooze Flavored - The Unclaimed - 6-song EP - keyboards on one track
Hysteria Records
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1984 Well Down Blue Highway - the Leaving Trains LP - keyboards on one track
Enigma Records
1988 Insecticide - Electric Peace - keyboards on one track
Barred Records
1990 "Rumble Jumble" - Tristan & the Rosewood - guitar on 4 songs
Empty Records, Germany
1991 Under the Bodhi Tree - Attila & the Huns - keyboards on 4 tracks
Music Maniac Records
1998 Clearinghouse - Tom Hofer - backwards guitar on one track
Pungent Records
2008 Goodbye Game - Sean O'Brien - guitar on one track
First Cold Press / TuneCore

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