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Sylvia Juncosa

Sylvia Juncosa - Nature - Cover
  Sylvia Juncosa - Nature - Back Cover
Label: SST Records
Catalog Number: SST 146
Manufactured in the USA
Release Date: 1988
Format: Vinyl, LP, CD


Sylvia Juncosa - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Tom Shannon - bass
Dave Childs - drums

Mark Seagal - percussion on "Marked for Life"
Ethan James - drum program
   on "Tower of Ashes"
Michael James - synth horn on "Eddie"

Produced by Sylvia Juncosa
Engineers: Ethan James, Richard Andrews,
   Michael James

Recorded at Radio Tokyo Studios
Venice, CA, January 1988

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  • Marked For Life (4:03)
  • Open Ocean (2:11)
  • Lick My Pussy, Eddie Van Halen (2:14)
  • Tower Of Ashes (2:55)
  • Nature (2:59)
  • Broken (2:57)
  • Something In This Picture (3:03)
  • The Plant Song (2:48)
  • Dark World (3:05)
  • On The Spot (3:37)

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Tower of Ashes

Listen to 'The Plant Song'

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"...There's an acute lightness of touch about Sylvia's guitar playing that leaves her equally adept at cranking out bursts of speed metal, or spinning off into passages of mild abstraction ... 'Nature' is a mind-expanding opiate for Green voters with hardcore convictions everywhere. "

- Grahame Bent, Sounds Magazine

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