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To Damascus - single - Cover

To Damascus
 -  "Another Place, Another Time"
    + "On a Pier"

Ringent Records
Los Angeles, California
Catalog #72211-1
Release Date: 1984


Sylvia Juncosa - guitar, bass, vocals
Troy Anthony - drums

Produced by Sylvia Juncosa and Ethan James
Engineered by Ethan James
Recorded at Radio Tokyo Studios
Venice, CA, 1984

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  • Another Place, Another Time
  • On a Pier

"'Another Place' has the most original slow/fast construction I can remember hearin'. Yr just floatin' 'long like king ding bobbin' down the Colorado River in an innertube when all of a sudden some eel grabs yr ankles & pulls ya down for the count. Ya like it too! Glug. Those yobbos were a hard-fisted power trio when they wanted it t' be. "

- Byron Coley, Forced Exposure Magazine

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