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Bandmates and Friends, Comrades and Collaborators

Here's where Sylvia shows her appreciation for the co-travellers on her musical odessey. These below are the members of past band versions.

In alphabetical order ...

Sylvia Juncosa band with Tom Shannon, Dave Childs     Sylvia, Dave Childs, Tom Shannon

To Damascus         To Damascus at rehearsal

Sylvia Juncosa band     Barney Firks, Sylvia, Don Medina in Europe

Adrien Anthony

aka Troy Anthony - drummer
Adrien was one of Sylvia's first band members ever; he played on the first To Damascus single. In those days it had a more surf/power pop/punk kind of sound. Adrien has remained active with music all this time and things seem to have come around full circle. Currently he's playing with "Southern California's Killerest Surf Band" CHUM and also with the Insect Surfers, "Planet Earth's Longest Running modern surf band" (and plenty killer too). CHUM, by the way, did a cover of the early To Damascus instrumental "Night Surfing", which is, well, totally awesome.

Barney Firks

- bass, backing vocals
Barney played on the "One Thing" and "Is" albums and on US and European tours. Barney is an amazing and versatile musician, a technical virtuoso and creative improviser but not afraid to just hold down a good solid groove when needed. He recently released a CD compilation of different bands he's recorded with over his long career, including Wormdrive, Burning Hands and New York Station. More on Barney's MySpace page.

Chris Frye

- drummer
Chris and Barney were the awesome rhythm section of San Diego band Wormdrive, when Syl came across them and immediately set about "borrowing" them for her own band. They played on "One Thing" and "Is" and European tours. These days Chris has a recording studio in San Francisco.

Dave Childs

- drummer
Dave played on the "Nature" album, and a number of live shows in L.A. He was from the surf-rock and SST labelmates band Lawndale, who reunited in 2010 and are currently still active. Dave owns a cool little bar on the Westside called the Liquid Kitty, which hosts the ever-popular Punk Rock BBQ several times a year.

David Winogrond

- drummer
Drummer of To Damascus, played on both albums. David has played with Skooshny, Davie Allan and the Arrows, and many other bands over the years. Currently recording and performing with his trippy jazzy improv band, the David Winogrond Spacetet.

Don Medina

- drummer
Though few album credits bear his name, Don was really one of the main members of the Sylvia Juncosa 'solo' band and participated in some of its high points: the second European tour, the one-week-US-funnest-tour-ever, and many LA-area shows. Bassist Tom Shannon brought him in from his other band Death & Taxes, and after only one week of rehearsal his first gig with SJ was at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre (a huge one for us, opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More). Don brought a new musical dimension to the band - a 17-cymbal, double-bass dimension.

Jason Kahn

- drummer
Jason appears on Syl's first and last studio albums, a stand-in player both times. He played on half of the first To Damascus album, recorded before the more permanent lineup was found. He had played with Joe Baiza, Leaving Trains, and many other LA bands during that time. Like Syl, around 1990 he moved to Germany where he could enjoy life as a full-time musician. A fortunate coincidence, because while recording "Is" in Holland Syl's drummer had to suddenly abandon the project, and Jason was available to pop in and finish the remaining drum tracks, quick and professional.

Jill Emery

- bass
The "Nature" tours in US and Europe featured the rhythm section of Jill Emery on bass and Mike Lee on drums. Previously, Jill had played in the L.A. all-female dark punk band the SuperHeroines. Shortly after leaving the SJ band she joined up with Courtney Love to form Hole, playing with them on their first album and tour.

M Segal

- drums and percussion
Mark is a long-time friend - he played percussion on the "Nature" album and has joined SJ onstage at post-hiatus gigs, and jammed with Syl in rehearsal-room expression sessions then and now. Known for his work with Paper Bag, Freehead, Bag:Theory and others, Mark is a versatile player and creative improviser.

Mike Lee

- aka "Israel" - drummer
Drummer during the "Nature" LP tours: the first Europe tour, immediately followed by a US tour opening for Soundgarden. Lost track of him after that.

Sam Henry

- drums
Drummer on the European tour promoting "Is". Borrowed him for the tour from Oregon band Poison Idea. Let him bring his girlfriend along, a bad idea, but not the worst idea that saw fruition on that ill-fated tour. Sam drums great though; he has a studio now in Portland Oregon,

Steve Reed

- bass, drums
Steve is one of those all-around amazing musicians who is great on different instruments. He first played with us as a drummer and things could well have stayed that way were it not for various happenstances. He switched to bass, and once he was on bass there was no going back, for his bass playing is incredible and supreme. Playing music with this man is an honor.

Tom Hofer

- bass
Tom played on half of the first To Damascus album and on the first US tour. These were temporary gigs for him though, as his desire was to do his own musical projects. (If I'd known it would take him 15 years to get it together, I wouldn't have let him go so easily! -syl) At last he has a solo CD on his own label, Pungent Records, and currently plays with Kjehl Johannsen (former Urinals), and makes awesome art.

Tom Shannon

- bass (R.I.P.)
After To Damascus broke up and Syl decided to go "solo", her first new band consisted of Tom Shannon and Dave Childs. Tom played on the "Nature" album, many live appearances in LA, and a few short US mini-tours. Tom was a unique and inspiring musician and personality, and his virtuousity and exploratory style had a lasting influence. He left to devote his full energies to his own band, Death & Taxes. Sadly, Tom died of a vicious brain cancer in November 2002.

Tobi Joi

- bass
The last year of Syl's time in Europe was spent in Switzerland, where she rehearsed and performed with Tobi Joi on bass and Sami on drums and abused Tobi's hospitality (and is sorry). Tobi later moved to the US to persue his music. He recently released a CD "Lombardo Loops". His MySpace page:

Tyra von Pagenhardt

- aka Patt - bass
The definitive To Damascus version was with Tyra and David, Sylvia values their friendship still. There's more on the To Damascus page. After To Damascus, Patt played with a variety of bands (including one with a major label deal), and was actively involved with the Axis of Justice and other political endeavors. In 2009 the former To Damascus members started jamming again, with the goal of re-releasing the second album, but that soon became overshadowed by their greater enthusiasm for newer projects, which eventually led to the current band version 2009 with Patt and drummer John Collinson.
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