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To Damascus Bio

This was the bio released with the To Damascus press kit around 1984 or thereabouts.

To Damascus

A True Story

Sylvia Juncosa jams maximally. She played keyboards in the Leaving Trains from '80 to '82, bailing after a knife fight with the lead singer, to form her own band To Damascus, where She switched to guitar to become the axe-grinding goddess of today. In '84, after losing many miscreant bandmembers to jails, institutions, and marriage, She returned to Her organ to tour with Clay Allison (with Kendra Smith and David Roback of Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade, now called Opal) and recorded for the Unclaimed (1985 release) and the Trains (on their Enigma debut). That fall, a new To Damascus whipped out their first single, "Another Place, Another Time", described by critics as "original / surprising / non-derivative / great".

Sudden disaster struck our plucky heroine once again when Her bandmates abandoned Her on the eve of an East Coast mini-tour. Undaunted, She cashed in their plane tickets and went solo, wowing audiences in New York and Boston with her soul-wrenching rendition of "Strange Fruit" (maybe Sting was in the audience). Returning to L.A., the vanquishing adventuress began recording To Damascus' debut album with former Trainees Tom Hofer and Jason Kahn. But an overpowering luminescent vision whisked Tom away; and Jason joined Clay Allison.

Raging black thunderheads and searing bolts of electric fire heralded the arrival of Tyra von Pagenhardt, sister of a famous dead rock star and heiress to his bass-pounding magnificence. Tyra joined Sylvia in her quest for the ultimate pyramid of power, and together they abducted the masterful skin-striker David Winogrond from psychedelic band SS-20.

At last at one, To Damascus completed and released their album Succumb, an awesome plunge into tubular lunar ecstacy and earthly sorrow. "The album that Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page would have made if they had surfed and listened to Husker Du and Love and had been in one body. A girl's body," Contrast magazine called it. Meanwhile, Sylvia has also been jamming with Chuck Dukowski's SWA, live and on their upcoming SST release, XCIII. Currently, To Damascus is raging majorly on stages everywhere, completing their rad second LP, and Sylvia is contemplating the placement of her next tattoo.

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