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To Damascus Tour

Shortly after the second album was released, To Damascus did a month-long US tour. On board was Sylvia, David, and on bass was Tom Hofer, filling in for Tyra who could not do the tour. Tom dug up his tour journal recently, excerpts appear below, with notes from Syl in green font (or is it blue). This was not the easiest of tours and the three participants had quite unequal levels of enthusiasm and tolerance. In other words ... Syl was dragging everyone along like a crazed thing, willing to endure most anything, while the other two complained shamelessly about most everything. Hah! Well, if you're stuck in a boat with Captain Ahab, might as well write a book.

Photobooth Sillies
   Photobooth sillies!

Tom's Tour Journal

Not posting the whole thing here, just a few representative excerpts.

Let's see ... there was plenty of depressing stuff like this:

Monday, 10/19

Well. We did the show at Cat's Cradle on Sylvia's birthday in front of a massive crowd of 8 or 10 people. (Recently in a postcard I told someone we were setting "minimum attendance records!") We had given away passes to the show & we'd seen flyers all over the place for this gig, & it was STILL poorly attended.

... or missed opportunities like this:

Thursday, 10/22

The radio interview ... was lame. The people didn't know what to ask, they didn't know the music, I think, & the station barely broadcast past the university! In the meantime, I'd received a phone call from someone at a REAL radio station where we were to do an interview at 3:00!! [the same time] Needless to say ...

At least the obligatory cop hassles weren't so bad:

Friday, 10/23

... So we finally got on the right track & head up to Jersey. Close to the crowded turnpikes of northern Jersey, we get pulled over by cops right after we come off a bridge. They tell us we were weaving (Sylvia can't even sew - what do they mean?!) & that our reflective stuff in the back window (so people can't see in & see the equipment) was illegal or something because they can't look in!

We explained what it was for, & that WE could look out perfectly well, but they took Sylvia's license & registration & went back to their car. When they came back, they handed us an official-looking slip & said, "Here. This is a warning. It doesn't mean you got a ticket & you can do whatever you want with it! You can throw it away if you want. All it does is show our sergeant that we did something today." !!!

And a few highlights, such as Hoboken:

... The audience loves it! We do, I think, 2 encores (!) including a requested, long version of La Bamba, in which we gave the mike to a few drunk peeps in the audience! Sylvia says it was the first time she's seen (2) bookers for a club really get into a band! The audience still wants more, but I say no! We did not have any guarantee for the night, but they pay us $210! More than our other shows WITH guarantees! Long live Jersey?!

Afterwards a CUTE & cool gal comes up & wants the names of the band members & what they play. She took photos & says if we're in the area for a while she'd like to do a photo shoot in Hoboken. Her name's Monica Dee, she does freelance stuff & works for CONTRAST! & a fanzine called (Away from the) PULSEBEAT.

We get back to Rick's at 6:00! (Actually 5 a.m., because of daylight savings time.) Bed IMMEDIATELY!

And the obligatory tall (?) tales about famous people and their private parts:

Rick told us of the party he went to the night before, where R.E.M. played some university & made $14,000. Rick & his friend Dave [partied] with them & somehow mentioned a dick-measuring contest! Pete Buck said "Yeah! I heard you guys did that! I've been wanting to do one, but I can never get Mills & Stipe to join me!" So Buck, Berry & others (?) & Rick & friend (who's around 9 1/4") have one & Rick's friend figures he'll win, as always. But Peter Buck beats him by about 1/8 inch. This is limp!

Reflecting Dallas Sylvia, Tom, David, van To Damascus Live in Hoboken

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