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To Damascus

To Damascus

To Damascus was Sylvia's band prior to going solo. It featured David Winogrond on drums, Tyra von Pagenhardt on bass, and Sylvia in her usual spot, that is, raging guitar, personal songwriting and variable vocals. There is some crossover between To Damascus and the Sylvia Juncosa band - which continued playing some of the To D. songs in concerts - yet it does stand apart as a separate band with a different sound.

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Press Quotes

"... driving pop, with the tunefulness of good 60's pop and the propulsion of punk ... Guitarist Sylvia Juncosa sings with authority and the band really moves behind her. Underrated on their home turf, this sounds like a band that Bostonians might love"

- OPTION Magazine

"... Real original and surprising. Great singing and playing from the multi-talented Sylvia Juncosa. One to look for. "

- Flipside

"The recent To Damascus single, which Sylvia cut shortly after leaving Clay Allison (the combo led by Kendra Smith and David Roback) is a good listen ... great slice o' stop/start punk-pop in a sharp trio format"

- B-Side, Australia

"...Their style of 60's is neither derivative nor revivalist. Their approach to pop exhibit none of the deadness found in recent revivalist bands, as they go beyond craft to mold an artistic style of their own ... When one hears the classic surf of 'Night Surfing' or the country-surf style of 'Tantalizing Rare Water', the last thing one thinks of is derivative ... if the rawness and soul they exhibit right now is any hint of things to come, then at least we can't wait. Do we need to go on? Go see this band, buy their EP, this is great stuff."

- UCLA Daily Bruin

To Damascus in SPIN Magazine
   SPIN Magazine 1987

To Damascus in the window
   In the window at the rooftop rehearsal space
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