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August 2015

Updated August 25, 2015

Sylvia Juncosa - Wanna Gotta
   Wanna Gotta CD

Sylvia Juncosa band at El Corita
   Syl, John, Steve at El Corita

John, Syl, Steve
   John, Syl, Steve
      Photo by Tim Keenan

Sly-to-the-Jay Joins Man-Wray ?!

Man-Wray is a blatantly psychocrazy, completely nuts band currently blasting the Los Angeles scene with their unique brand of experimental anthemic punk, cruising the stratosphere somewhere between the galaxies of Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and Zappa. There are already six people in the band, including two lead singers, bass, drums, percussion, and keyboards, but when guitarist Mike Vallejo (Circle One) announced a brief hiatus who else could fill his giant shoes but the Sylster herself? In true punk rock style we hit the ground running, with gigs already booked for Sept. 5 and Sept. 18. Don't worry, I learn songs fast.

It is Here at Last ...! New CD!

"Wanna Gotta" the new CD is here at long last. Features 10 new songs - some you might have heard in our gigs this past year, like "Glass", "Beatdown Blues", and "Creeper". And some we've hardly gotten to play yet. This is the first recording I've truly felt proud of the whole way through. No bad vocals anywhere! And Steve Reed does an incredible job on bass. I'd say it's "awesome" or "amazing" but people overuse those words so much nowadays they've become meaningless. You want to know what "amazing" and "awesome" truly mean, go look in the dictionary, or go listen to Steve Reed. For realzez. Check out his bass solo on "Gamblin' Fool"!

Available now, right here on the Merch Page.
And on CDBaby

80's Skate Video Music

So there I am watching an 80's skate video on YouTube, just for fun. The clip features the artful Christian Hosoi and other top guys from that era, and fIREHOSE, the Descendants and other SST bands are in the music. Then when the credits roll I just happen to see my name is in there too! My friends helped dig up the full movie, and it gets even better - a round where Christian Hosoi is skating to my song! How cool is that. Here it is:

Gotcha Grind Skate Video

The song is "Something in This Picture" from the 1988 "Nature" album.

More to Come This Year ... The Bottleneck Has Been Released at Last!

Yes, it has taken a ridiculously long time to get "Wanna Gotta" out the door. We have not been idle in the meantime though! Of course there are new songs for a future album. But in the meantime we re-recorded the "Nature" album and plan to release it this year. With Don Medina on drums, Steve Reed on bass and backing vocals, and a few other guest musicians, it is an improvement and expansion on the original. Plus it's got some longer jams and a bonus track!

And there have also been requests for the second To Damascus album. Originally released in the '80s, it is nearly impossible to find. Indeed the masters had gone missing for many years. Now they have re-appeared, and we'd really like to see people get a chance to get it.

Sylvia Juncosa CD Release Party

Upcoming Gigs

Sunday August 30 - Punk Rock BBQ

Free Admission! Free Hot Dogs! Cheap Booze!

  • 6:30 pm - The Black Widows
    All instrumental, all original, and all evil. The Black Widows are cool and they don't like you. "The bastard offspring of The Ventures and Blue Oyster Cult" - Dan Epstein, writer and genius
  • 5:30 pm - Trulio Disgracias
    Lead by the notorious bass player & vocalist NORWOOD FISHER of Fishbone, TRULIO DISGRACIAS is an amazing funk masterpiece, incorporating outlandish performances of the “nuttiness,” lavish riffs, heart-pounding one drops & valleys. With a revolving all-star line-up that is hand selected by Norwood Fisher, combining powerhouse music veterans and up-and-coming stars on one stage. The Trulio family includes current and former members of Fishbone, Parliament Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Brains, Freestyle Fellowship, Spearhead, Weapons of Choice, Ozomatli, the Untouchables, Gap Band, Suicidal Tendencies, Slightly Stoopid, and the list grows stronger every year.
  • 4:30 pm - The Last
    A rare opportunity to see one of the great first wave LA punk bands, this legendary South Bay power-pop/punk/garage band formed in the late 1970's and as one of the Hermosa Beach "Church" bands (Black Flag, Red Cross and The Descendents), became a major influence not only on the development of So. Cal. punk, but also on the psychedelia-influenced LA bands of the mid-1980s.
  • 3:30 pm - Lawndale
    Playing a unique form of what has been described (possibly by a psychotic) as 'Surf-infused Psychedelic Melodic Acid-Prog', the band was fittingly dubbed "the Instrumental Gurus of the Church of the Electric Guitar" by the LA Weekly."
  • 2:30 pm - Sylvia Juncosa
    From the LA Weekly: "Wielding her axe in a fashion sure to put to rest the old myths of cock-rock posturing, Juncosa splatters fat, grimy chords all over the wall and flings grungy solos around the room. Twisting turning way way-out guitar explorations and hard rock madness. Surf metal with thoughtful lyrics. "
  • 1:30 pm - House of Rabbits
    Hardcore-Vaudeville, Experimental Art Rock. The band combines the cynical, tongue-in-cheek, theatrical story-telling of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, the genre bending and blending of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, the gypsy circus punk of Gogol Bordello, the heavy mid-range rock of Queens of the Stone Age, and the dark atmospheres of Nine Inch Nails and Wovenhand.

Well if that ain't a show, I don't know what is.

Liquid Kitty
11780 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90064

Friday Sept. 18 - Cafe NELA Anniversary Celebration

Double duty for Syl on this night, first with Sylvia Juncosa, then with Man-Wray. I shall be nice and warmed up. No problem!

1906 Cypress Avenue
Cypress Park, Los Angeles CA 90065

Thursday Oct. 22 - Double Spy Birthday!

Our buddies Double Naught Spy Car have asked us to join them for a night on their October residency at NELA. Cool, we say, that week is Syl's birthday and we'll make a night of it! More bands will be joining us, and yummy birthday goodies too, so stay tuned, more details to follow!

1906 Cypress Avenue
Cypress Park, Los Angeles CA 90065

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