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Plenty of vids here and also check out the Sylvia Juncosa YouTube Channel at:

Produced Videos, TV, Interviews

Studio videos, clips from TV segments, productions

German TV Show - Screenshot
German TV Show Segment
"Under the Freeway"
Sylvia Juncosa MTV Interview
MTV Segment
Interview, live clips, MTV 1990
Sylvia Juncosa Tower of Ashes
"Tower of Ashes"
Created by Paul O'Bryan
SWA - Arroyo Video
SWA "Arroyo"
SST Records Video

Live Clips

From Los Angeles the past few years and also Europe back in the day

Beatdown Blues Live LA
"Beatdown Blues"
Los Angeles 2014
Sylvia Juncosa Band DeadGrip Live
Los Angeles 2014
Fuse Live Los Angeles
"Fuse (The Desert Song"
Los Angeles 2013
German TV Show - Screenshot
"Hearts to Cry"
Live in Germany 1992

Fun Extras

Fan videos, extra clips

Sylvia Drum Sampler #1
German TV Show Segment
"Drum Sampler #1"
Sylvia Juncosa One in Three
"One in Three"
Entertaining Fan Video

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