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"One of the last of the true rock 'n roll wild ones"
      - Tip Magazine, Germany

Sylvia Juncosa

 sILL•vee•uh  hoon •KOH ssuh
noun, fem. 1. Los Angeles musician who rampaged the world in the 80's and 90's, now returned to rampage yet more 2. awesome wild guitarist 3. tender-hearted singer 4. writer of songs loud and quiet, long and short, fast and slow 5. former member of a number of LA bands 6. hermit, recluse alt. artist, surfer, motorcyclist, unicyclist, computer programmer, writer, karateka, southpaw, green thumb, more more more

Sylvia Juncosa New Album Coming Soon!

It's Here!

New CD Out Now!

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CDBaby offers the CD and also digital downloads of the whole album or individual songs, whereas on this site we only offer the CD. On the other hand Sylvia mails them out personally and can't resist throwing in more goodies like stickers, keychains and candy bars :)

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This site is devoted to the music and adventures
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News - August 2015

Updated August 22, 2015

New CD is Out Now!

Thank you my kind and forgiving friends, you have been so patient and so understanding. Now for the fun part: sending everyone their goodies!

Sylvia Juncosa Band Sylvia Juncosa Band Rockin' Out at the Memorial for Laura Feline - with Steve Reed on bass and John Montgomery on drums * Photo by Johns Ax
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That's the Sylvia Juncosa band page on Facebook. Feel free to also visit my Sylvia Juncosa Profile Page.

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